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podiatryJoint pain has become a very common problem nowadays for most of the people. The foot contains 33 joints, more than 100 muscles, ligaments, tendons and 26 bones.  128000 km is the average distance that a person walks in a lifetime. There are many people who suffer from pain for the lower limb problem. It can only be resolved with the help of professionals. Always remember that you have only one pair of irreplaceable feet, which needs to last throughout the life. Adelaide Podiatry Centre is one of those renowned clinics that provide solutions to different feet problems. To know more, visit http://adelaidepodiatrist.net.au/.

The Adelaide Podiatry Centre is located in convenient areas of two premier medical streets in Adelaide. One clinic is situated at Melbourne Street, North Adelaide and the other clinic is at Fullarton Road, Eastwood. All the podiatrists from both Eastwood and North Adelaide treat a number of patients and attend to their numerous conditions. All the foot conditions ranging from general to more specialized foot are treated in these centres. Corns and callus, ingrown toenail surgery and the various other foot care treatments are treated with the latest technology

Here are some of the conditions listed below that are treated in the Adelaide Podiatrist Centres. They are as follows –

Heel and arch pain

Heel pain is most commonly caused due to the inflammation of plantar fascia. Plantar fascia is a structure of broad ligaments that stretch from the heel bone to the toes. It acts on the bottom arch of the foot like a thick rubber band.

Symptoms associated with heel and arch pain

  • Inflammation of the plantar fascia causes it to get detached from the heel, fibre to fibre.
  • If this injury continues, a bone spur may occur because of calcium deposition near the heel.
  • As it is very difficult to keep the feet at rest all the time, so the process of inflammation recommences and repeated injury is caused.


Inflammation at the attachment of the Achilles’ tendon to heel bone is called Sever’s. Heel pain is the most common cause of Sever’s in young children. It generally occurs in boys of around 8-15 years of age. Sever’s is a very common in boys who are associated with sports like netball and football.

Symptoms associated with Server’s

  • Pain gradually increases over a long period of time.
  • Pain generally increases while playing sport with feet.
  • The pain area is inflamed due to sore.

Ingrown toenails

The sensitive tissues of the toes are protected with the help of toenails. But severe pain can be caused if a cut occurs on the toes. During working, walking, running and wearing shoes, a lot of stress is put on the feet. Sometimes, the portion of a nail grows into the skin surface. Thus, toes can be affected badly.

Reasons of ingrown toenails

  • Improper cutting of nails may lead to ingrown toenails.
  • Poor fitting footwear is one of the major causes of it.
  • People with chubby toes mainly suffer from ingrown toenails.

There are also various feet conditions that the Adelaide Podiatrist Centres treat. If you are suffering from any feet problem, immediately visit the podiatrist clinic, in order to prevent your feet from getting damaged internally.

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