How to pop a pimple in your ear

pop a pimple in your earPimples are a bad news, no matter where they occur. The pimples on the face are still easier to deal as you have easy access to them and can apply medications or simply pop it without much trouble. But, the problem arises when the pimple occurs in a difficult to access area. Ear is one such place. Ear acne is quite common and many people have suffered from it. Even though, when a new pimple comes up, the right advice is to not poke it; sometimes it is difficult to contain one-self like that.  Popping a pimple gives rise to the possibility of infection due to breaking of the skin prematurely. But, there are times when you just cannot afford to have that bulbous pimple in your ear. It is especially discomfiting to have it in your ear. So, if you want to get rid of it quickly, here is the guide to how to pop a pimple in your ear safely.

Preparing the pimple to pop

If you have decided to pop the pimple in your year, then the first step would be to ensure that the pimple itself is ready to face. If the pimple has just come out, then it is not at all ready. This is no different from the pimples on your face. You can always tell when the inside of the pimple is filled with pus and it has matured enough. You will be able to see a whitehead on top of it. Now, you cannot possibly detect a whitehead that easily in your ear. So you have to utilize alternative methods. You need to wait for a couple of days, until it has matured a little. Then you can take a warm washcloth and gently probe the pimple. If it feels squishy and soft, then it is ready for popping. If it is still too hard, then you will need to wait.

The process of pimple popping

Once you feel the ear pimple is ready to be popped, take a sterilized pin and start gently probing at the pimple. Take care with this step, as you do not want to poke yourself in the ear in the wrong places. Just keep pricking around the pimple area gently, until you feel an opening. The pus will come out of that opening. So clean the mess up with some cotton dipped in medicated solutions. Massage the areas all around the pimple with your finger, so that no fluid remains inside the pimple. With this, the ear pimple popping method is complete.

In the pimple is too deep in the ear, then you cannot possibly stick a pin in. in that case, you can just apply pressure from the outside, pushing up the cartilage area. This will help to pop the pimple, though it will be quite painful. Make sure you apply enough of antiseptic lotion on the popped pimple area. Such broken skin is highly prone to infection. So, keep the area clean and medicated until the broken skin dries up.


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