Care for Maintaining Good Vision

Care for Maintaining Good VisionMost of us spend hours for making our eyes beautiful and attractive. There are various types of eye make ups products that enhances the external beauty of our eyes. However, Dr. Jaeger always suggest that it is very much important that we should not forget about the basic health of our eyes. We should not ignore it at all. They should never be neglected and considered to be something that is very common. They are rather very precious and without them life becomes colorless.


Lawrence Jaeger have rightly pointed out that most of us understands the importance of vision only when we face true problem with it and sometimes the threat may be even of losing the eyesight. It is a common problem with most of us that we consider that visual problems are actually ageing problem and hence never deal with them properly and carefully. It may be true that most of the eye problem appears with age, however, those who have taken proper care of their eyesight can easily enjoy good eye sight even at the age of 80s. It is possible for the only because they had taken care of their eyes at the right time and right way.

Causes behind eye problems

There are different reasons that are responsible for eye problem. They includes
Excessive eye strain due reading, working in front of the computer, andwatching television, lack of proper diet, obesity, excessive smoking, diabetes,too much exposure to ultraviolet rays, hereditary problems, prolonged use of certain medications, and lack of adequate sleep and rest
Care for eyes

Doing some simple things everyday can help us maintain the health of our eyes. Following them as any routine can help us having good eye sight. They are

  • Firstly, try to avoid excessive strain. Never work at a stress and give pressure on your eyes. Take short breaks after regular intervals and give your eyes the rest they requires.
  • Keep your eyes clean and for that splash cold water on your eyes during every break that you take from work. It helps your eyes to relax and relieves it from strain.
  • The food that you eat has significant effect on your eyes and you should eat healthy and consume food that are rich in vitamins and minerals. Fresh fruits and vegetables like carrots, almonds, and spinach are good for health. You may also consult any ophthalmologist who would give you proper diet that is good for your eyes.
  • When you are going out, try to save your eyes from the UV rays and hence use goggles. If your eyes are under prolonged period of UV rays then they may cause problem at your later age.
  • Eyes needs lubrication and hence blink them often. If you stare at television or work at computer for longer period, you may get itching sensation. Hence, if your eyes can lubricate themselves with tears, your itching sensation would be reduced.
  • There are numbers of exercises that can be practiced for better vision and good coordination of your eyes. Practice them regularly.
  • Finally, the important one, give your eyes adequate rest that they requires. For healthy eyes, they need relaxation.

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