Avoid These Common Work Out Mistakes and Get Ripped

fitnessSo you want to get ripped! You’ve ditched the fries and coke, you still enjoy the odd slice of pizza but only on a special occasion and you’re one of the few people to get value for money from your gym membership.

You hit the gym religiously five times a week, you run, you partake in strenuous cardio routines and you regularly lift – so what’s going wrong. No more crappy diets, no more couch potatoes – you’re working on becoming a lean, mean healthy machine, but you’re still a million miles away from “ripped”.

Well, let’s start with the basics – regularly visiting the gym is one thing but what you do when you get there is something else entirely. There are a few basic mistakes which people make and can actually stop you from achieving the results you’re working out so darned hard for. Don’t forget that some supplements can help you get ripped look.

All things are good in moderation . . . including cardio. One of the most common fitness misconceptions is that lifting weights makes you big and strong and cardio makes you lean. It stands to reason then that someone who wants their body to be well defined pounds the streets and cardio workouts first and foremost with lifting as a bit of an afterthought. An hour on the treadmill followed by a 20 minute lifting session is not going to make you ripped. You may lose a little weight (if you’re following a good diet) but your body certainly won’t get any leaner.

You should step away from the treadmill a little earlier and get lifting. Muscle speeds up the metabolism which in turn burns more fat and although you may burn plenty of calories on a cardio workout your body will keep on burning the fat whilst you sleep after a good lifting session.

For best results your fitness routine should go something like this:

A five minute warm up session, running or jogging followed by . . .

60 seconds running as fast as you can followed by . . .

2 minutes of jogging or fast walking and then . . .

Rinse and repeat for 5 cycles (after a little practice, just a couple of cycles may be all that you can manage at first).

This is a much more efficient training method than running / walking on the treadmill relatively slowly for an hour or more.

You should also do some serious iron pumping – not every day, (the above session is perfect for a lifting rest day) but heavy lifting should form a regular and important part of your plan to get ripped. Think of this – you are better to lift heavier weights with lower reps than to do high reps with low weights. The high number of reps may increase your endurance but will do nothing to burn the fat.

If you are putting all of your energies into the gym and still not getting the ripped physique you yearn for then basically you’re doing it wrong. Step away from the treadmill a little earlier, load the bar a little heavier and you might start to see some results.

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